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Paviršiaus medžiaga 60% poliamidas, 35% poliesteris, 5% elastanas
Spalva Pilka

Since 1990, Rukka has been an independent division of the L-Fashion Group Oy, one of Europe’s largest sports wear manufacturers based in Lahti, Finland. In addition to Rukka, the L-Fashion Group is home to brands like Luhta, Icepeak, Torstai and Sinisalo.
In the product development process Rukka closely cooperates with various research and development institutions to create the perfect product. In active collaboration with suppliers such as Gore and DuPont, new materials are developed and their suitability for functional clothing is tested.
From the planning stage to the final product, Rukka spares no expense to obtain the best possible results. Every single kind of material is tested several times by both the supplier and Rukka before it is used in the production. The manufacturing process itself is also subject to constant evaluation. In the final development stage professional testers and experienced sports enthusiasts evaluate the prototypes’ functionality in field tests. The findings from countless testing sessions in cold and hot weather, rain and snow are also taken into account before the product is approved for large scale production.


Siūlome NEMOKAMAI pristatyti prekes, kurių kaina didesnė nei 40 EUR, į bet kurią vietą LIETUVOJE.

Jeigu užsakymo kaina mažesnė nei 40 EUR, pristatymo mokestis – 3-4 EUR.

Mokant grynaisiais kurjeriui arba mokėjimą atliekant „Omniva“ paštomate, taikomas papildomas 0,99 EUR komisinis mokestis.

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