LENNEParka su 45 g pašiltinimu

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Pašiltinimas 45 g
Paviršiaus medžiaga 100% poliamidas
Pamušalas 100% poliesteris
Neperšlampanti membrana 10 000 mm
Orui pralaidi medžiaga 10 000 g/m2/24h
Vējnecaurlaidīgs materiāls 0 l/m2s
Vandenį ir purvą atstumianti medžiaga DWR
Užklijuotos siūlės klijuotos pagrindo siūlės
Temperatūros diapazonas (PAVASARIS/RUDOU) +8°C +15°C
Spalva Mėlyna

Rough weather conditions of Estonia and the Nordic Countries, which make very high demands on children's clothing, are the foundation grounds of creating any new model. High-tech fabrics are used in order to fulfill all the requirements of the well-being of a happy child in any circumstance.
Lenne's main goals in product development are safety, comfort, practicality and easy caring.
Active products are:

  • light weighted
  • wind resistant and warm
  • breathable and water resistant
  • durable
  • safe
  • with exceptional design
  • easily cleanable

Lenne is using Isosoft insulation material, which is presently the best new generation insulation which has a two times higher warmth maintenance coefficient and the technology applied in it allows for the volume of the insulation to be decreased four times in relation to the traditional insulation. Isosoft is rarely used in the manufacturing of childrens’ clothing due to its price. It ensures the unique comfort of warmth, it maintains warmth at the child’s skin and prevents the cold from entering inside, thanks to the unique micro-porous structure. Moreover, it allows the child to move freely and unhampered. The product’s great advantage is the fact that it effectively removes moisture to the outside, which additionally increases the comfort of use.
Isosoft guarantees the effect of thermal insulation and lightness of the material through the special insulation components – these components are made up of thousands of individual fibres in the shape of a hollow tube. The material is as light as down and it is also very elastic – it returns to its original shape after compression or washing.
The caring instructions, please read HERE.

Siūlome NEMOKAMAI pristatyti prekes, kurių kaina didesnė nei 40 EUR, į bet kurią vietą LIETUVOJE.

Jeigu užsakymo kaina mažesnė nei 40 EUR, pristatymo mokestis – 3-4 EUR.

Mokant grynaisiais kurjeriui arba mokėjimą atliekant „Omniva“ paštomate, taikomas papildomas 0,99 EUR komisinis mokestis.

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