Rinktis spalvą: Basutės - 38860-00
Articul: 38860-11
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Turimos atsargos:
DydisVidpadžio ilgis, cm

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Batviršis Batviršis Oda / Sintetika
Pamušalas Pamušalas Oda
Vidpadis Oda
Padas Padas Aukštos kokybės medžiaga
Plotis Vidutinis
Kilmės šalis Italija
Spalva Auksinis

PRIMIGI, the historic brand for children’s shoes, was founded in 1976, establishing itself on the market with its first steps shoes. The brand immediately became synonymous with technological know-how, scrupulously selected materials and Italian style.

  • Primigi shoes have been specially designed and studied to best accommodate the shape of a child’s foot. What’s more, the laces and openings are designed to create a comfortable-fitting shoe that is easy to put on and take off.
  • The special SKY EFFECT SYSTEM insole is created with the highest quality materials, lined in soft leather to ensure natural contact with the foot.
  • The shoe’s flexibility is created through calibrated channels etched crosswise into the sole to make it thinner, and by the extremely soft materials used to create the part of the midsole located near the flex point.
  • The insoles are removable so they can be washed and dried to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of the footwear on the inside.
  • Primigi shoes are made with carefully selected lightweight materials, designed to guarantee maximum freedom while playing and performing everyday activities.

Siūlome NEMOKAMAI pristatyti prekes, kurių kaina didesnė nei 40 EUR, į bet kurią vietą LIETUVOJE.

Jeigu užsakymo kaina mažesnė nei 40 EUR, pristatymo mokestis – 3-4 EUR.

Mokant grynaisiais kurjeriui arba mokėjimą atliekant „Omniva“ paštomate, taikomas papildomas 0,99 EUR komisinis mokestis.

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